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Irony: Dropbox saved 75 million by moving away from cloud hosting. Perhaps it is worth doing some calculations for your business, too? … #nextcloud

"Dietro un prezzo basso c'è sempre un salario basso"

"La sharing economy, dunque impone un modello di organizzazione aziendale completamente diverso da quello finora conosciuto. La persona lavora on demand solo quando c’è richiesta per i suoi servizi, prodotti o competenze e con propri mezzi. Lo stesso discorso viene applicato alle imprese che diventano schiave del proprio committente. Nel mondo anglosassone si parla già di workers on tap ossia lavoratori alla spina."

"Flixbus: il lato oscuro (e la concorrenza sleale) della 'sharing economy'"

If 13 Russians on Twitter and Facebook can determine the outcome of an election, then democracy is a bad system of government.

Said by FreeBSD members to me:
- Racist statements
- Sexist statements
- Death threats
- Naughty words

Banned by FreeBSD:
- eHugs


When Facebook launched Messenger Kids, the company said they'd worked with leading experts. What they didn't say was that those experts had received funding from Facebook. Equally notable are the experts Facebook did not consult:

Percentage of young adults living with their parents, 1980 vs. 2016

Wow, it's real! I've been waiting for this feature for years! Very nice.

"GNOME Shell Gets macOS-Like Ability To Close Apps From The Alt-Tab Switcher"

The MicroG build of Lineage OS has F-Droid baked in as a system app. That is amazing.

Noi in a difendere l'uranio francese, mentre la minaccia militarmente le navi della in Cipro violando il diritto internazionale. Chi proteggerà i nostri interessi?

"Britain’s long-suffering makers are enjoying a once-in-a-generation boom

Bosses in manufacturing firms seem not to be too worried about Brexit"

Oh, noes! The is so terrible! 🤡

Impossibility Theorem: , national and are mutually incompatible: we can combine any two of the three, but never have all three simultaneously and in full.

"The EU Doesn't Want to Be More Democratic

The Brussels establishment is rejecting attempts to make it more transparent and accountable to voters."

"The EU is the enemy of the working classes

Leftists who support the EU should look at Greece, and be ashamed."

excellent article by Tim Black

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