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How the Grinch stole the wealth of the bourgeoisie then redistributed it among the town

Grinch > Santa.

Celebrating one year of LineageOS – LineageOS – LineageOS Android Distribution -

please don't gift NSA listening devices to your loved ones for christmas. thanks

Liberty without socialism is privilege and injustice; socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

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Awesome Selfhosted

This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally.


So, now US gov is blaming North Korea for .

Pretty funny since the attack was only actually possible thanks to , which known about the SMB exploit for years (allegedly, since 2010) and created , the attack vector of WannaCry.


The Antifa website "It's Going Down" deleted an article praising the Antifa action to sabotage the rail tracks in the general area where the Amtrak crash happened.

They proudly state "Concrete on the tracks is just a start".

They proudly encourage others to sabotage train tracks as well:

"This action and actions like it are quite easy to do yourself. This only took a few hours and a little bit of planning."

Cowards and terrorists.

#Mastodon v2.1.0 is finally released!

What's in it? Here's a scoop:

✅ Lists
✅ Profile redirect notes
✅ Moderator role
✅ Moderation audit log
✅ Invite system
🐘 Various fixes and improvements

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Do you want to do yourself something good over the festive season? Then #FreeYourAndroid phone and remove as much non-free software as possible! We show you how: … #Google #PlayStore #Android #FDroid #Replicant @LineageAndroid !FreeSoftware #fsfe #FreeSoftware
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