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鍾翔宇 Xiangyu - 星星之火 A Single Spark [完整專輯 Full Album] (prod. by Ransom-Notes)

@Gargron Look Internet, when I send "Do Not Track", I don't mean "Collect my data by other means", I mean this is my fucking data just let me stay private for god's sake

i dont like this admin's political opinion so:

this guy just argued with me so:

this guy is not blocking some domain i blocked for no reason so:

that's it. that's most fedi admins in a nutshell.

Fediverse meta, uncertainty 


I don't think that everyone of them acts the way you described. I have no problem in interacting with most of people, anyway.

I'm by no means a "free speech extremist", but I don't see any particular problem in federating with It's sad to see many instances preventively blocking, which is also the largest node on the , just because there are some assholes. But whatever, I see there are some snowflakes which easily get hurt by random words coming form online strangers. I understand.

No, I don’t want any nazi symbols or flags on my instance and I should tell you why.

My granddad has fought in the war against the Germans too free our country. He has told me some thing from that time and trust me it was BAD.

I’m all for the whole remember thing because something like that simply can not happen again, ever. But it’s a whole different story when your waving the nazi flag, I don’t want that.

If you have troubles with that I can simple say, you know where the logout button is.

Ciao #Fediverse!

Chi ha voglia di fare quattro chiacchiere su #Informatica, #Politica, #Educazione e #Democrazia?

Sabato a #Milano partecipo ad un tavolo di lavoro del Partito Pirata il cui scopo e definire un progetto politico innovativo per il Partito Pirata del 2020 basato sull'etica #hacker.

Un progetto che parte dall'educazione informatica per diffondere la #Curiosità che ci caratterizza ed applicarla, insieme alle nostre competenze, alla ricerca di soluzioni razionali e concretamente realizzabili per i diversi problemi della nostra società.

Un progetto convintamente #Democratico e #Costituzionale che si fonda sui Principi Fondamentali della nostra #Costituzione.

Un progetto #Politico ambizioso.

Chi ha voglia di partecipare alla sua stesura?

i swear to god, anyone preaching for decentralisation and, in the same breath, using servers like or

they arent for decentralisation at all

@comfy @gab @admin The fediverse has grown by over a million users this month alone because of us you dope.

Considering switching my personal instance from Mastodon to 's fork.

They have really nice features, but I don't know if there is a way of migrating the database without losing my toots.

Everyday new Gab Social servers are popping up. When this happens Gab becomes more decentralized and more unstoppable. Congrats to @admin !

@lunduke good choice with Librem, they're not mass blocking other instances like a lot of the others are.

Like, is it terrible that LGBT+ people (or, what could have been considered LGBT+ ppl if they were alive today) suffered under past progressive and socialist movements? Yes!

But they were doing that Literally Everywhere™ and singling it out as an issue with whatever socialist movement that was actually achieving something and not a systemic widespread cultural bias is insidious!

Attacking ideas instead of conditions, and believing history is static and not a material progression, is literal idealism!

C’est Qwant qu’on va où ? #Framablog #TootOuRien

L’actualité récente de Qwant était mouvementée, mais il nous a semblé qu’au-delà des polémiques c’était le bon moment pour faire le point avec Qwant, ses projets et ses valeurs.

Si comme moi vous étiez un peu distrait⋅e et en étiez resté⋅e à Qwant-le-moteur-de-recherche, vous allez peut-être partager ma surprise : en fouinant un peu, on trouve tout un archipel de …

Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles

Nice to see a lot of @gab users interacting. I guess we're one of the few not blocking?

Been looking for a good Markdown editor for a while now. I saw @brandon recommend #Ghostwriter to someone else, so I decided to try it.

Great recommendation, thanks Brandon! Well worth installing if you want a simple Markdown editor.


You seem to believe that Gab is wholly composed of harassers. This is simply false.

The majority of Gab users are nothing like that. AND harassers exist on every platform.

Singling out Gab like this is silly.

The reason Gab has been seized upon is because it's popular with Trump supporters, and a lot of Trump opponents are desperate to do anything they can to prevent Trump 2020.

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