I’m still super in love with the newer Adwaita theme. It makes default GNOME look so beautiful, and I haven’t felt the need to use a theme since 3.32 launched with it.

> punishing users of a client for the dev not bending over for you censorship-happy fucks

god you're pathetic

F-droid, 4/8 chan 

If anyone wants to know the best alternative fediverse sites besides gab, just take a look at the likeable.space blocklist. Lots of great suggestions! likeable.space/federation_rest

I launched a new blog this week. It's stupidly fast, uses zero external JS or CSS resources, is responsive, and supports modern features many sites don’t like dark style support. But Google just emailed me saying they might deprioritize it on Google because it doesn’t use AMP.

When you say "scientists believe" it is about the consensus of the current academic community. That does not mean the consensus is correct. A few years ago academic consensus in cosmology was that the expansion of the Universe was slowing, that consensus is now believed wrong.

In social sciences, where there are many more confounds than just Dark Energy and Dark Matter, consensus can shift even quicker.

The *official* :inkscape: forum has launched! Come start a conversation with fellow beginners, artists, designers, makers, educators, and more! inkscape.org/forums/

鍾翔宇 Xiangyu - 星星之火 A Single Spark [完整專輯 Full Album] (prod. by Ransom-Notes)


@Gargron Look Internet, when I send "Do Not Track", I don't mean "Collect my data by other means", I mean this is my fucking data just let me stay private for god's sake

i dont like this admin's political opinion so:

this guy just argued with me so:

this guy is not blocking some domain i blocked for no reason so:

that's it. that's most fedi admins in a nutshell.

Fediverse meta, uncertainty 


I don't think that everyone of them acts the way you described. I have no problem in interacting with most of gab.com people, anyway.

I'm by no means a "free speech extremist", but I don't see any particular problem in federating with gab.com. It's sad to see many instances preventively blocking gab.com, which is also the largest node on the , just because there are some assholes. But whatever, I see there are some snowflakes which easily get hurt by random words coming form online strangers. I understand.


I'm not talking of gab.com which is a node of the fediverse, I am talking about Gab's fork of Mastodon server, which is, in my opinion, pretty decent.

And sure, there are some assholes people on gab.com, but, I can assure you there are assholes, on the fediverse as well. I don't mind federating with gam.com, I'll just block assholes, I can deal with that.

No, I don’t want any nazi symbols or flags on my instance and I should tell you why.

My granddad has fought in the war against the Germans too free our country. He has told me some thing from that time and trust me it was BAD.

I’m all for the whole remember thing because something like that simply can not happen again, ever. But it’s a whole different story when your waving the nazi flag, I don’t want that.

If you have troubles with that I can simple say, you know where the logout button is.

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