I'm by no means a "free speech extremist", but I don't see any particular problem in federating with It's sad to see many instances preventively blocking, which is also the largest node on the , just because there are some assholes. But whatever, I see there are some snowflakes which easily get hurt by random words coming form online strangers. I understand.

@gabriele I agree. I love the little bubble that my instance is, but at the same time I miss disagreeing with people, I miss discussion, and in some cases I miss free speech. It's a shame if the fediverse starts becoming completely segmented.

@gabriele these people shouldve stayed on twitter if they want a 'safe and moderated' platform. Joining the fedi makes barely any sense if it isnt for freedom of speech imo.

@gabriele its not so much that there are some assholes as much as the culture they have of "raiding" and harassing anyone that doesn't have the same opinion as them. they have already been trying to compile lists of people to harass.

@gabriele so whats the problem with blocking them on an instance level? They were trying to harass people as soon as the instance went live and the instance block prevented it.

Theres no such thing as "free speech extremism", simply put everyone decides rules for his website and decides to kick you out if you act like an asshole

The snowflakes meme aka
"Y'all are snowflakes raargh why they included a minority in MY videogame"?

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