Considering switching my personal instance from Mastodon to 's fork.

They have really nice features, but I don't know if there is a way of migrating the database without losing my toots.

@gabriele Is it because of the game where Trump shoots tweets at fake news?

@gabriele TBH Fediverse is so much better than #gab . It lacks features, but it's filled with amazing people. In gab? all you get is trolls, racists, pedophiles and fascists.


I'm not talking of which is a node of the fediverse, I am talking about Gab's fork of Mastodon server, which is, in my opinion, pretty decent.

And sure, there are some assholes people on, but, I can assure you there are assholes, on the fediverse as well. I don't mind federating with, I'll just block assholes, I can deal with that.

@gabriele @buoyantair Props to you for being an adult about it. As to Alice, not everyone is a troll even if we differ in opinion.

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