There is a lot of talk about the protests in Hong Kong, and the new extradition law. But did you know that this law is being introduced because a guy from Hong Kong went to Taiwan with his girlfriend, murdered her, and then couldnt be prosecuted for it? So people are literally protesting against prosecution of murderers.

@gabriele @felix One shitty person doesn't make a movement shit. Did you find this picture scrolling past the pictures of countless young radicals that are also protesting?


Young radicals?? 😂

They are anticommunist filth, protesting to protect their tax evading friends from Chinese law. There is nothing more to it.


@gabriele @felix What Yankee propaganda? I literally live in Hong Kong, if you think you understand the situation better than I do you can certainly try to back that up.

@orangelamp @gabriele But from your profile, it seems like you are not Chinese, and dont speak the language. So other than talking to (liberal) people around you, your news is probably from all English sources.

@felix @gabriele As opposed to you, with what claims to credibility exactly?

Also, by the language do you mean Cantonese which is being erased by Chinese changes to the educational system, or Putonghua?

I suppose I could post in the latter, but do I need to post in Chinese to have a valid opinion?



HK has extradition agreements with many other countries, why wouldn't they make a similar agreement with the PRC? That's nonsense.

There is no justification for these protests. HK is a rightful part of China, if you don't want to respect Chinese law, just get out of China.

And just because you live in HK, that does not mean you have a better understanding of what's going on.


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