In case you aren't aware, Hong Kong is currently going through an upheaval in reaction to the Chinese state's continued colonization, this time related to the state's attempt to force extradition on HK anti-CCP protestors. The cops and HK's ruling right-wing coalition have fallen firmly in line with the demands of the CCP in Beijing, and have reacted to the new round of protests with force.

Solidarity with the political prisoners of the Umbrella Movement, towards freedom for all colonies of the Chinese state.



It's funny how the-so-called-anarchists like you always fall in line with capitalist pigs' interests and swallow every tiny bit of imperialist propaganda the West has to offer.

In this case you are supporting an anticommunist bourgeois movement which wants to shelter criminals and tax evaders from the Chinese law. Just so you know.


And what the fuck? How is the PRC intent to reunify the mainland by any means considerable as "colonization"?

Britain here is the colonist, not fucking PRC. Britain fucking stole HK from china in 1842.

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