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Using Docker:
Step 1: I’m an idiot
Step 2: I’m a wizard
Step 3: no I was right the first time

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So Google detests the AGPL license: going as far as to demand this:

"Do not install AGPL-licensed programs on your workstation, Google-issued laptop, or Google-issued phone without explicit authorization from the Open Source Programs Office."

So to degooglify the internet everyone should choose AGPL for open source projects :)

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Slack people are closing down their XMPP and IRC gateways. The embrace period is over, now moving over to extinguish.

They're so intent on owning your user experience that you can't even read the announcement without signing in.

I have a Slack account, so here's the lede:

> Saying goodbye to Slack’s IRC and XMPP gateways

> As Slack has evolved over the years, we’ve built features and capabilities — like Shared Channels, Threads, and emoji reactions (to name a few) — that the IRC and XMPP gateways aren’t able to handle. Our priority is to provide a secure and high-quality experience across all platforms, and so the time has come to close the gateways.

Then it goes on about their great screen reader support, and how their Real Time Message and Events APIs can be used instead of writing IRC bots.


gwolf also links to (front page links to a PDF with the actual content), which analyzes the phenomenon of free software projects organizing using centralized, non-free communication tools.
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I'm late to the party, but AFAIK, removing the git history is not a violation of the AGPL. Git is not even mentioned in GNU Public licenses... If you fork a GPL project and distribute the binaries (or services in the case of AGPL) you have to give the source code to the users in any form. You can even send each user a floppy disk with the code, if that's convenient.

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@BryanLunduke Loved the last show Bryan. You are my favorite boat rocker. Unconsenting fist bumps your way. I got your 6 bro.

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Hahahaahahaha holy shit. Hiveway is a fork of Mastodon with blockchain slapped on top, selling ICO tokens, and John McAfee is involved. Wew lad

La supera abbondantemente
FI ed eguaglia il PD, Bagnai e Borghi eletti! Difficilmente si poteva sperare in un risultato migliore.

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again a great chance to introduce many new people to the #fediverse.

#Vero is getting hudge attention over #twitter. It's a new social network, co-founded by a capitalist that left thousands of their workers unpaid in a dessert camp, and even stoped food, electricity...suply.

We can:
- make that visable
- highlight the anti-capitalist values of the fediverse
- expand on the beauty of federation and free software

-> tweet by using #Vero
-> rt to give tweets higher ranking
-> spread it

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Why is Vero getting attention all of a sudden when Mastodon is clearly 100% the best?

"Come ti ridicolizzo la stampa “seria”: il Kekistan, i nazisti per Salvini e altre fake news"

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If your business depends on Facebook, or any other algorithm-controlled social media, you're - sooner or later - gonna have a bad time.

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Irony: Dropbox saved 75 million by moving away from cloud hosting. Perhaps it is worth doing some calculations for your business, too? … #nextcloud

"Dietro un prezzo basso c'è sempre un salario basso"

"La sharing economy, dunque impone un modello di organizzazione aziendale completamente diverso da quello finora conosciuto. La persona lavora on demand solo quando c’è richiesta per i suoi servizi, prodotti o competenze e con propri mezzi. Lo stesso discorso viene applicato alle imprese che diventano schiave del proprio committente. Nel mondo anglosassone si parla già di workers on tap ossia lavoratori alla spina."